Research & Writing


“Recapturing the ‘Aggressive Spirit’: Legislative Reassertion Efforts, 1947-2002”

Published Research:

Congressional Investigations and the Electoral ConnectionJournal of Law, Economics and Organization 33 (1): pp. 1-27 (With Kenneth S. Lowande)

“Can Congress Do Policy Analysis? The Politics of Problem Solving on Capital Hill.” In Governing in a Polarized Age. Alan Gerber and Eric Schickler, editors. Cambridge University Press, 2016. (with Eric M. Patashnik).

Congressional Reassertion of Authority.” 2013. In Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science. ed. Rick Valelly. New York: Oxford University Press.

Building Toward Major Policy Change: Congressional Action on Civil Rights, 1941-1950.” 2013. Law and History Review 31 (February): 139-198 (with Jeffery A. Jenkins).

Between Reconstructions: Congressional Action on Civil Rights, 1891-1940.” 2010. Studies in American Political Development 24 (April): 57-89 (with Jeffery A. Jenkins and Vesla M. Weaver).

In Progress:

Congress and the First Civil Rights Era, 1861-1918, Under Contract, University of Chicago Press (With Jeffery A. Jenkins)

Congress and the Second Civil Rights Era, 1919-2016, Under Contract, University of Chicago Press (With Jeffery A. Jenkins)

“The Unitary Executive in Congress”

“Reclaiming Foreign Policy Powers: A Developmental Approach to Congressional Constraints on the Commander-in-Chief.”

Other Writing:

Mitt Romney and the Impending Politics of Disjunction,” Riding the Tiger, September 18, 2012

  • (Noted by Yale Law School Professor Jack Balkin here)

Progressives Against Progressivism,” Dissent, March 5, 2012

House Leadership in the 112th Congress,” The Hill’s Congress Blog, October 26, 2010 (with Jeffery A. Jenkins)


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